I have been a member of 4-H since 3rd grade. My involvement in this organization has fundamentally improved me as a person through my development. I hope to return as much as I can to the program through leadership and volunteerism within the program. As president of ISU C4-H, I worked toward two primary goals: To establish lasting connections between our club and local 4-H leaders in order to facilitate club development and service to youth in the 4-H program; and to instantiate tools and protocols to increase fluid cooperation among the officer team and between the officer team and club.

Eta Kappa Nu, Nu Chapter - President

HKN/IEEE's booth at Engineering Middle School Day.

As president of Nu Chapter of Eta Kappa Nu, the honor society of IEEE, I worked to foster increased member involvement in chapter activities and bolster undergraduate knowledge of our organization in order to expand the club’s membership on a long-term scale. I spearheaded an initiative to provide mock technical interviews to undergraduates in our department through HKN in pursuit of this goal. I also worked on improving HKN company relations through our members, defining the transitional and HKN record archival process, and rewriting our out-of-date constitution.

Tau Beta Sigma, Theta Xi Chapter - Secretary, Webmaster, Parliamentarian


Tau Beta Sigma is a music service organization devoted to serving the bands at Iowa State University. I have been actively involved in band since sixth grade, performing in dozens of ensembles and holding a variety of leadership positions, from drum major to music arranger. As the 2010-2011 secretary of Theta Xi, I strove to provide accurate records of the chapter’s meetings and attendance, as well as working with the executive team to provide the best experience possible to our members. I introduced the use of electronic forms and Google Docs into the recording process to facilitate this. I served as the parliamentarian, leading the revision process of our Joint constitution and archiving old copies in a permanent format. As webmaster, I revamped our website and facilitated the sustainable storage of chapter information and knowledge using tools like Dropbox and Google Docs. As alumni chair, I worked toward expanding and completing our alumni records and planning events to connect current and past members.

Iowa State University Cyclone Football “Varsity” Marching Band - Baritone guide

Marching band uniform.

Becoming a member of the ISUCF”V”MB is not a decision to be taken lightly. Membership requires 10+ hours each week during an already busy semester, but provides excellent experiences that will never be forgotten. Becoming a guide in the band, while it requires further time commitment, is a very rewarding experience. I have the opportunity to shape the success of the season. Guides in the ISUCF”V”MB are personally responsible for teaching the basics of marching to first-year members and ensuring the quality of rehearsal and performance throughout the season. Beyond these standard duties of the role, for instance, I have taken the initiative to fix a security flaw in our members’ only website and set up tools to provide easier online sign up for audition times. I also authored an online attendance system for the marching band.

Iowa 4-H Youth Tech Team - Mentor/facilitator/chaperone

An interview by the Tech Team at the Iowa State Fair.

“The Iowa 4-H Youth Tech Team is a fun group of teenagers from across Iowa that come together to pool our technology skills to make the best better.” The team met physically four times a year and conferenced via Adobe Connect monthly. The focus areas of the team shifted from year-to-year, depending on the interests of the youth involved. During my two years of involvement with the team, we worked with video editing, photography, interviewing, app development, and programming, among others. I often led conference chats and developed workshops for team members around their interest areas. I believe that fostering an interest in engineering and technical fields in youth is a powerful motivator for success later in life. Combining my active involvement in the 4-H program with my passion for engineering through Tech Team was one of many ways I have worked toward this through 4-H.

Iowa State University Honors Program

As a sophomore (fall 2010) I served as a First-year Honors Program seminar co-leader. My co-leader and I were in charge of creating 16 weeks of lesson plans for a class of 12 freshman Honors students. Our sessions focused on several components intended to broaden their views and introduce them to university life, such as service, diversity, resumes, and academics.

Destination Iowa State

DIS is four-day University Admissions program that introduces students to ISU and the Ames community through service, workshops, and fun activities. Hundreds of first-year students take part each August. I have served as a DIS leader twice. I find that DIS is an excellent way to make new friends and learn everything necessary to have a great first day of classes. Being in the marching band, serving as DIS leader is an extra challenge, as it requires careful coordination of time and resources in order to provide a meaningful experience to my team (all of whom are also in marching band) while making sure they are rested enough to succeed in band camp, which completely overlaps the DIS time frame.