I enjoy dabbling in visual arts. So far this has mostly manifested in posters I’ve made for one event or another. I do the majority of my work in Gimp on Linux, though I’ll use my Surface for work better done with a stylus.

Popcorn Button posters

I’ve made some of the recent Popcorn Button dance posters. I tend to start with inspiration from a classic big band poster, but the end result diverges pretty far from the source material. The 2014 posters feature the Des Moines skyline and a statue from the city park in Atlantic. I also made a poster to promote our scholarship.

Baritone section shirt

I designed our section shirt during my senior year in the ISUCF”V”MB.

Paulsen wedding

I designed the invitations, website, and various other things for my sister’s wedding in 2015.

4-H STEM project posters

I’m the volunteer project leader for the Homesteaders 4-H Club STEM project. I made a couple of posters to promote the project.