My first semester at Iowa State I took Philosophy 201 (the introductory course). I found that I really enjoyed the logical, critical thinking, and challenges to my preconceived viewpoints. I wrote my final paper on Descartes’ Meditations. You can read it here if you like.

While I was studying abroad in England at the University of Birmingham, I took a final-year course in philosophy offered through their computer science department: Philosophy of Cognitive Science. The class was entirely focused on writing a term paper on a related topic of my choice. Because of my interest in music and music technology, I decided to research composition by artificial intelligence. I did quite a lot of research on my own, reading the entirety of Paul Thagard’s Mind: Introduction to Cognitive Science and many papers, particularly about David Cope’s EMI (Experiments in Musical Intelligence). EMI is a groundbreaking work in musical intelligence that is able to emulate the musical style of any composer for which it has a large enough score corpus. You can read that paper here.