The robot used for the Mars Rover project.


Embedded Systems (CprE 288) final project

Technologies used

C, AVR Studio, SVN, assembly, Doxygen


Interlude: PIC. While abroad, I took a microprocessors and digital logic course that used PIC boards to simulate traffic signals. All programming on this project was done in assembly and focused on low-level understanding of programming.Fast-forwarding to fall 2011 at ISU, my final project for my embedded systems course was a group project that involved navigating an iRobot Create (basically a Roomba) through an obstacle course over Bluetooth, using only sonar, radar, and bump sensors to detect our surroundings. Code was written primarily in C, with ISRs in assembly. In this project I gained valuable experience working on a team of five engineers, in addition to the obvious embedded systems skills acquisition. I wrote much of our backend code that drove the robot and communicated with our C# GUI over bluetooth. I performed extensive testing and calibration to ensure accurate and precise response of our robot to our commands. We received full marks after our successful demo (which we completed a week early).